Many of our non-surgical medical devices and related accessories are used by athletes and patients for injury prevention and at-home physical therapy treatment.   Below you will find a summary of few of the many surgical implants options that we can offer: 

3DKnee System
The implant provides an articular surface with the optimal balance between conformity and constraint while remaining complementary to the existing mechanics. The 3DKnee is designed for greater total knee strength, patient stability, range of motion, and performance.


Foundation Knee System
The precise simplicity of the Foundation Knee Instrumentation was designed to provide accurate cuts for reproducible results.


EPIK Knee System
The EPIK System is a versatile, reliable approach that gives a surgeon a more flexible Uni knee solution while taking the absolute least amount of bone from your patient. Optimal bone coverage, secure fixation, and anatomic support provide your patient with the needed security of a less traumatic alternative, for undeniable preservation. 


e+ Polyethylene
An appropriately cross-linked polyethylene material, e-plus, a knee specific formula, is blended with vitamin E and formulated to reduce long-term wear.


Foundation Hip System
The Foundation® Total Hip System has been developed by enhancing proven design features and utilizing simplified instrumentation, thus providing a state-of-the-art system.


Linear Hip System
Reported results of 145 hips of similar stem design at a mean of ten year follow up showed only 1% rate of revision for aseptic loosening

Revelation Hip System
The Revelation Hip System reproduces normal physiologic loading patterns, reduces potential for subsidence, and avoids diaphyseal overloading which has been cited as a cause of thigh pain.


Lima Modular Revision Hip
The Lima Modular Revision Hip gives hip surgeons the freedom to rebuild performance their way for even the most challenging revision scenarios. The tapered, fluted titanium design is backed by sizing and configuration options and documented long-term clinical results.

Turon Shoulder System
The Turon™ is the first total shoulder system to incorporate the IMIN™ neck technology; a patented clocking feature which provides the ability to dial in the correct neck position to restore individual patient anatomy with increased precision compared to a fixed neck only design, thus providing optimum joint stability and range of motion, without compromising implant fixation.


Reverse Shoulder System (RSP)
The reverse ball and socket design has had early success in restoring shoulder function and relieving pain in patients with a rotator cuff deficient shoulder.

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