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  • ACTIFUSE accelerates bone growth by combining an interconnected macro- and micro- porous structure with osteostimulative chemistry created through a patented silicate substitution process to attach and stimulate osteoprogenitor cells (OPCs) and mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs).
  • ACTIFUSE mimics the composition of human bone with the optimal 0.8% silicon by weight, which is similar to the level identified in naturally-growing bone, enhancing osteoblast and hMSC attachment, and protein adsorption.
  • ACTIFUSE has a physiologically appropriate resorption rate: like human bone, ACTIFUSE is remodeled via osteoclastic resorption rather than chemical dissolution.
  • ACTIFUSE provides a stable scaffold for as long as the bone healing process requires it.
  • ACTIFUSE is a purely synthetic, sterile, and consistent bone graft, mitigating disease transmission.
  • The ACTIFUSE Family of Products includes a variety of formulations designed for surgical control.
  • ACTIFUSE resists irrigation and compression
  • ACTIFUSE is ready to use, no mixing or preparation required
  • No special storage required
  • ACTIFUSE can be clearly viewed on x-ray

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