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An appropriately cross-linked polyethylene material, e-plus, a knee specific formula, is blended with vitamin E and formulated to reduce long-term wear1.

Re-Melting not Required

Because vitamin E stabilizes free radicals, a melt-anneal step is rendered unnecessary. A re-melt step, used for most highly cross-linked polyethylenes, reduces the mechanical properties and fatigue strength of irradiated UHMWPE.Blended e-plus is the only FDA cleared blended vitamin E TKA component. UHMWPE resin is blended with pure liquid α-tocopheral (vitamin E), a naturally occurring anti-oxidant.

No Oxidation

During intense age testing, e-plus exhibited no detectable oxidation.

Maximum Mechanical Strength1

The impact of oxygen exposure to e-plus samples was evaluated in accelerated aging tests. Un-aged and aged e-plus samples yielded the same results during yield strength testing, while a melt-annealed standard highly cross-linked material exhibited a 12% reduction in yield strength. IZOD Impact testing, which can indicate the relative brittleness of a material, showed no change in performance between pre and post-aged e-plus.

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