Reverse Shoulder System

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The reverse ball and socket design has had early success in restoring shoulder function and relieving pain in patients with a rotator cuff deficient shoulder. 1-7 Shoulder prostheses which were derived directly from hip replacements, with a constrained ball and socket, have failed. Hemiarthroplasty, the current standard of care for this condition, offers only “limited goals” for functional improvement and only modest improvements in pain. 8-11 Likewise, bipolar implants, used in an effort to improve stability, have produced results not significantly better than hemiarthroplasty. 12,13 In the reversed design, the forces in the joint are directed through the center of the glenosphere, converting the centrifugal (outward) forces into centripetal (inward) forces. This in turn creates inherent stability in the reversed design because of the congruency of the humeral socket and glenosphere.

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